Parliamentary QA:
Presence of cyanobacteria in the Hartbeespoort Dam
19 June 2015
Addressing cyanobacteria in dams requires a multidisciplinary approach with its foundation in catchment management. Nutrient loading resulting from run-off, is the main reason for cyanobacterial blooms.
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Media Article:
Habitat rehabilitation can boost ecosystems and create jobs
2 May 2014
The continuous and active rehabilitation and remediation of habitats not only improves the robustness of the habitats and provides space for natural ecology to take place, but also creates sustainable employment.
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Parliamentary QA:
Scope of intervention at Madibeng Local Municipality
14 August 2015
Magalies Water was appointed as Implementing Agent to intervene on the upgrade of bulk water supply and sanitation systems that supply Madibeng Local Municipality. A Joint Operation Committee was established to manage the daily progress.
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Document: Phase I Peer Review and Follow-up Report, March 2013

The City of Lahti started the Local Government partnership with the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality (BPDM) in 1996 as part of the North-South Local Government Co-operation Programme, which focusses on equal co-operation between local governments in Finland and in Africa. Since 2006 the North-South Programme has carried out several peer reviews and follow-up plans with its partners.

Delegates from Lahti visited the Harties programme in February 2013. This visit resulted in the Phase I Peer Review and Follow-up Report, March 2013. The report includes an overview of the programme, outcomes of the activities and recommendation.
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[*Since 2007]
44 280+ m3
Excavated 11 500
tons & dredged
50 tons
Rehabilitated 8 530m²
shoreline & constructed
5 000m² floating wetlands
210+ tons
of unwanted fish
Litter & Debris
2 400+ tons
31 million+ litres
7 161 Visitors
6 533 Learners
Local Rules
9 Algae booms
& litter trap
Monthly & Quarterly
Annual Bird Count
January 2009 - July 2015
Blue Drop Score
Madibeng Local Municipality
Clear Water State
September - November 2012
Dam Level
Water Temperature
Clear Water State
Visibility 2 - 4 m
Harties Temperature
Min: 17°C    Max: 34°C
Wind: NNW 8km/h

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